About Vitale Delta

Vitale Delta is a consortium of the Universities of Applied Sciences Leiden, The Hague, Rotterdam and Inholland, and is a part of Medical Delta. This consortium, together with other partners, is committed to improve the vitality and health of people from young to old, both physically, mentally and socially. Vitale Delta joins forces with students, teachers, clients, health care professionals and -employers to achieve these goals in an eight year (2018-2026) research program, funded by SIA. The research leads to results and products that contribute to strengthening the resilience and self-direction of people, and creating a healthy environment in the Delta region of Leiden, The Hague and Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

We work on various themes in four work packages: Supported Vitality, Physical Vitality, Social Vitality and Self Vitality. The themes include health (care) technology, healthy living, integral health care, social care in the neighbourhood and self-management support. Each work package is led by two professors, each from a different university of applied science, and coordinated by a work package leader. They combine the expertise of multiple strong research groups in their own work package, but also in collaborating with the other work packages.  The cooperation that exists within Medical Delta, universities of applied sciences and other knowledge partners (universities and UMCs) in the field of health care technology is being strengthened.

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